Kitzel May Jerland

AKC DN34055605 OFA92E OFEL92


Kitzel comes from champion bloodlines and has the strongest bloodlines of all our females. She has a lot of character and impresses everyone.

Kitzel is our smartest dog. She knows many tricks and many words like Mom, outside, belly-rub (she curls up on her back and waits for one), and carrot. (Yes, she LOVES carrots!) Kitzel is also very loving and has great loyalty to her family. Though loyal to the family, she can get along with anyone that interacts with her. 

Meika P Von Der Stevens

AKC DN48808701 OFA37E OFEL37


Meika is our working line female. She is our smallest female but has a lot of character to offer. 

Meika is our sweetest dog and has the biggest heart. Even though she talks back at times, she is a very lovable dog. Miss Meika loves to be with her family. She is super friendly to both humans and other dogs and is loved by everyone around her. 

Jeden May Haus Soodsma

AKC DN51648102 OFA27E OFEL27


Jeden is an offspring of Kitzel and Shadow. With a strong background, she has a great amount of character.

Jeden is my oldest daughter's dog. She is very loyal to her master and has a great amount of care for my daughter. Jeden likes to stay around her master and can be sure to find her no matter where she is in the house. Jeden is not as friendly as our other females, but she is very protective over her family. 

Lejti Bata Od Zileta



Lejti joined our family from Serbia. She has a strong pedigree with a lot of personality. 

Lejti can be a bit sassy to our other dogs but listens to us well. She was very skittish at first but has warmed up to the family well. We continue to get to know her everyday but can tell she fits well into our family!

Retired Females

Demon M&J Zwaag

AKC DN 23087301


Demon was the first German Shepherd to join our family. She is still going strong at 10 years and 120 pounds. 

Demon is our protector. She does not like strangers being around her humans. Though protective, she loves her family. She is also very strong and determined with everything she does.  



Kaymen is our long-haired cutie. She was imported from Serbia like our sire, Toben. 

Kaymen is my oldest daughter's puppy. She is a good-natured dog and loves to be around people. Kaymen gets along with all of our dogs and is really gentle with my grandson. Our family also loves to calm her sweetie or sweet pea, resembling her calm temperament.

Unfortunetaly, Kaymen is no longer with us due to unforeseen and unknown causes. Fly high sweet angel!

Future Females

Traegen Jo Vom Fanino



Traegen (TJ) is an offspring of Kitzel and Toben. Like her parents, she has solid bloodlines and a lot of character to offer. 

TJ is such a sweetheart. She is warm and loving. TJ is very playful but also loves cuddle. She sleeps with me every night and cannot get close enough to my face. 

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