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First Deposit, First Choice Basis

At Van Der Zwaag German Shepherds, we follow a first deposit, first choice basis. The family with the first deposit and signed contract on a male or female will get first choice of the gender they have chosen. The second deposit will get second choice, followed by third, fourth, etc. 


Because Van Der Zwaag German Shepherds takes pride in matching the perfect dog with each family, we do not expect the first choice to know which puppy they choose when they first make a deposit. The family has up to the 8 weeks when they take their puppy home to make their decision. 

Van Der Zwaag German Shepherds is confident that each customer will be pleased with the puppy they receive no matter which "choice" they have in a puppy. 


Please contact us with further questions by phone at (712) 578-1024 or email at

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