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Jeden/Toben              Spring 2023                                      $1,500.00 USD

Meika/Roovie            Spring 2023                                       $1,500.00 USD

Mixi/Roovie                Spring 2023                                        $1,500.00 USD

Lejti/Roovie                Spring 2023                                        $1,500.00 USD

Traegen Jo/Roovie    Spring 2023                                        $1,500.00 USD

Arrena/Toben.            Spring 2023                                        $1,500.00 USD

**All shipping/kennel costs are not included. 

What's Included?

Your new puppy from Van Der Zwaag German Shepherds would come with a bath, their vaccinations and de-wormer, a puppy collar, vaccination records, limited AKC registration papers, vet certification, and a two-day health guarantee (communicable diseases - please read our full health guarantee document for details). Additionally, dams and sires have been tested for hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, and degenerative myelopathy.  

If interested in full registration, please contact for details.

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