Jeden/Toben             Spring 2021                                   $1,750.00 USD

Meika/Toben             Spring 2021                                   $1,750.00 USD

Kitzel/Toben              Spring 2021                                   $2,000.00 USD

Lejti/Toben                Spring 2021                                   $1,750.00 USD

Traegen Jo/Roovie   Spring 2021                                   $1,750.00 USD

**All shipping/kennel costs are not included. 

What's Included?

Your new puppy from Van Der Zwaag German Shepherds would come with a bath, their 6 week vaccinations and de-wormer, a puppy collar, vaccination records, full AKC registration papers, and a two-day health guarantee. 

Phone Number: (712) 578-1024

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