Torino Vom Fanino


DN58223102 OFA24F OFEL24


Our handsome stud Toben was an import from Serbia. He has the strongest bloodlines of all our males and a great character. He is my favorite (though it is REALLY close as they are all amazing dogs). 

Toben is a very sweet male. His morning routine always includes a hug from me. He is definitely a ladies' man (both humans and dogs). Toben loves to travel to my youngest daughter's softball games where he can interact with many people. He enjoys the attention and gets along great with everyone that comes in contact with him including kids and other dogs. 

Retired Males

Gunner Von Der Sturmischen Stadt



Gunner is one of our working line males. He is my youngest daughter's dog, and he very loyal to and protective of her. 

Gunner has a lot of character. One of his favorite things to do is play with blankets, digging his head into and growling at them. Gunner is also obedient to his master and loves to be around her. 


DN 31399808


Shadow is another one of our working line males. His best friend is my husband and likes to spend his time with Ken when he is home.  

Shadow is our black and silver German Shepherd. He is the dog that greets people as he is the only one that runs our yard. Shadow loves to be around the cattle when we are doing chores, even though the cows/calves aren't his biggest fans (They like to chase him, but he is quick enough to get away). Overall, he is a solid working line German Shepherd. 

Future Male

Bandit Schatzi Vom Magikos-Land




Our stunning boy Schatzi has a strong pedigree. Weighing 75 pounds at eight months, he will be a large stud when he is fully grown. 


Schatzi gets along really well with my grandson.Growing up together, they have become the best of friends. They love to chase each other around the house, play ball, and get into trouble together! We are excited to see Schatzi grow into a full grown dog. 

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